“It used to take days to compile current budget vs. actual data — now, with GMS, we have that information at our fingertips. I appreciate the level of detailed reporting we can get out of the system — I’ve never had that before. It really feels great to be on top of this!”

Dr. Linda Tiggs-Taylor, Executive Director
Educational Partnerships, CSU Long Beach

“Instead of poring over budget information for hours, with GMS, I can now spend my time where it should be — focusing on implementation of the grant’s goals and objectives.”

Dr. Megan Stanton-Anderson, Grant Director
GEAR UP & CAPP, Long Beach Unified School District

“The new GMS system, with its customized reports, has literally saved us hours of work per week. And it saves a considerable amount of time in preparing for board meetings, project reviews, and both our state and federal audits. I was astounded at the ease and accuracy of the process.”
“The memorized reports have helped me process our grant reimbursements instantly and with incredibly less paperwork! That in turn improves our cash flow, and being a nonprofit, cash flow is always an issue.”

Joan M. Stempniak, Finance Manager
Project GRAD, Kenai Peninsula

“It’s easy to use and the detailed reports are really great for understanding how much time and money goes in to each of our activities. Our site coordinators love having up-to-date budget reports and using GMS helped to eliminate the need for them to track their individual budgets separately.”

Sue Johnson, Banker
Long Beach Unified School District

“I really enjoyed working with GMS. I found it to be very user-friendly and the training I received was excellent.”

Denitria Davidson, Budget Personnel Coordinator
Gear Up Inland Empire, CSU San Bernardino

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