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Relief and Peace of Mind
for Everyone on Your Team

As grant fund accounting specialists, we understand the pressures and frustrations you face when carrying out your grant-related responsibilities—no matter what your role. From tracking service hours to evaluating objectives and outcomes, Grant Maximizer™ makes your life easier.

With Grant Maximizer™ managing your grant funds, your entire organization becomes a more efficient team because it…

  • Simplifies Fund Tracking – automating hours of tedious grunt work
  • Streamlines Data Entry – reducing time, effort and errors, even eliminating redundant efforts
  • Strengthens Analysis and Reporting – providing you the detailed data you need in just a few clicks

Here are some of the role-specific benefits you and your team can expect from the robust Grant Maximizer™ Solution…

For Directors of Grants Management, Deans, and Superintendents:

  • Enjoy consistent, highly detailed reporting from all Program Managers
  • Lets you easily compile information for multiple programs
  • Eliminate multiple tracking efforts
  • Helps you align program activities with grantor requirements

For Program Managers:

  • Enjoy consistent, detailed reporting from all Grant Directors
  • Lets you easily compile information for multiple grants or programs
  • Eliminate multiple tracking efforts
  • Allows you to prove the impact of your services/activities and substantiate the success of program goals and objectives
  • Helps you align program activities with grantor requirements

For Grant Directors:

  • Minimizes the tedious effort involved in creating and managing budgets with budget templates, auto-calculations, and seamless integration with QuickBooks®*
  • Allows you to analyze the impact of activities relative to the costs incurred to achieve results
  • Make informed choices as to which activities make the most sense to continue based on clear and accurate cost and performance data
  • Reconciles to a 3rd-party accounting system (shadow system)
  • Tracks participation in services/activities with minimal paperwork
  • Puts real-time detailed data at your fingertips

For Administrative Assistants:

  • Helps you track expenses as well as participation in services/activities
  • Minimizes paperwork by letting you enter provider time and participant time in one place via simple, secure online forms.
  • Prints participant sign-in sheets
  • Stores scanned documents for easy organization and distribution of information
  • And many more benefits to simplify your work and free up your time to focus on your most important activities

With Grant Maximizer™ working tirelessly for your organization, you’ll have more time to focus on what matters most.

You’ll possess greater clarity on your data – with less stress cluttering your mind.

As a result, your organization can provide higher quality services with a greater sense of satisfaction.

Now, let us show you what Grant Maximizer™ can do for you and your organization. Request your free, no-obligation demo today.