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Grant Maximizer™ Unleashes the Power of Your Grant Dollars

Grant Maximizer™ is the focal point of the 5-prong software suite. It can be used independently or in conjunction with any of its sister components to deliver the right mix of solutions for your organization.

In either case, its features integrate with 3rd party bookkeeping software, such as QuickBooks®*, 3rd party time tracking software, and even Microsoft Excel.

Here are a few of the ways Grant Maximizer™ can shine for your organization…

Grant Fund Tracking to the Nth Degree

Brings all your grant fund data together: captures info from all funding sources over multiple periods and displays that information in one place in a nice, clean format.

With easy-to-read pie charts and quick-access reports at your fingertips, not only do you save hours of time, you end up with extremely high levels of detail.

Exports reports as Excel or PDF files for easy distribution.

Tracks revenues and expenditures by account code, funding source, site and activity. Now you can truly see where your funds are coming from and exactly where you’re spending them.

Displays matching and cost share data: how much funding has been provided by partners. Share info with your grantors and matching partners so they know what they’ve contributed to date.

Manages Goals, Objective and Benchmarks in a Snap

One place to manage and track your goals, objectives and benchmarks by grant period. The data you and your grantors need is available in real time quick-access reports. You’ll no longer have to wait for waves of grunt work to be performed before you can access important data.

Links Activities and Objectives Under an Accountability Spotlight

Robust enough to map activities to multiple objectives by grant period for detailed cost/benefit analysis.

Flexible enough to change or modify the activity-to-objective links as your needs change.

Now you and your clients and/or grantors can see the cost to achieve objectives and goals, individually and collectively.

Allows you to channel funding to the most cost-effective activities to make your program(s) the best they can be.

Satisfies Current and Impending Compliance Issues

If you’re like most grant recipients, you may struggle to adhere to new Federal Standardized Reporting Requirements (such as activity-based expenditure reporting and more).

Because we are Certified Public Accountants who are active in the grant community, we keep the Grant Maximizer™ software suite ahead of the curve on all reporting requirements. This means no more stress over accountability and transparency issues with your grant funds. Grant Maximizer™ helps keeps you compliant and audit-friendly.

Grant Maximizer™ does all of this and so much more. Best of all, Grant Maximizer™ includes industry-leading service and support to make your transition to automated grant fund bliss a smooth and speedy ride.

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