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GrantMax™ TimeTracker: Smart, Efficient
Time Tracking for the Digital Age

GrantMax™TimeTracker is a highly specialized online software tool that streamlines the time tracking process for your organization. It eliminates paperwork, saves time, and minimizes discrepancies.

Here’s how it works. The provider of services (let’s say a tutor) logs into a secure, private website and enters the event (tutoring) and the time spent tutoring for both the tutor and the student.

By reducing and refining the steps in your time-tracking processes, your organization operates more like a well-oiled machine… which frees up time for providers and administrators alike!

The power of TimeTracker doesn’t stop there. It also tracks time for more complex scenarios with multiple participants and activities, while maintaining tight quality control over the data.

For example, a University tour… attendees may include students, parents, and teachers—each with their own activities. TimeTracker captures the time for all participant types, their individual activities, as well as the time for the provider (in this case, the tour guide).

TimeTracker’s true power is unleashed when used in conjunction with Grant Maximizer™ and GrantMax™ Evaluation…

By combining provider and participant time with financial data, you gain deeper, more intelligent insight on the cost-effectiveness of your activities and the performance of your providers . Outcomes such as survey results, test scores and grades can now be tied to their costs. As a result, you can easily pinpoint which activities are providing you and your recipients with the greatest return on time and money invested.

GrantMax™ TimeTracker Features:

  • Secure, web-based software allows data to be entered remotely from any internet connection. Digital data collection saves times and effort associated with paper-to-digital methods.
  • Combines the process for tracking provider activities with recipient participation, which speeds and simplifies administrative effort .
  • Allows administrators to check and approve data in the system for strict quality control.
  • Reports can be printed and/or distributed in Excel or PDF format . Lets you share information with grantors and other personnel quickly and easily.
  • Allows you to save and access scanned documents. Reduces paperwork, keeps information organized, and makes it easier to distribute.
  • When coupled with Grant Maximizer™…
    • TimeTracker posts time for salary expenses directly to the financial system, eliminating excess manual effort.
    • Lets you print sign-in sheets to prove participation
    • And much more

With so many time-saving and data-revealing features, GrantMax™ TimeTracker turns the process of tracking time from a burden to a blessing.

Many users tell us that TimeTracker’s true value finally clicked after watching a live demo. So why not request a demo for your organization today?

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