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GrantMax™ Reconciler Brings Automation to Your Reconciliation Process

If your organization is like most who use GrantMax™ Reconciler, the limitations of your accounting system requires you to keep an in-house set of books using Excel or some other system. While this “shadow system” allows you to capture greater budget detail, it presents its own set of problems…

The dreaded process of reconciling data to your primary accounting system is so painfully time-consuming, it’s often neglected until reporting time. Now you face potential discrepancies and cost-overruns with little or no time to deal with them.

GrantMax™ Reconciler to the rescue!

It automates the agonizing process of reconciling and makes it much easier to manage on a regular basis. Reconciling is no longer a looming black cloud hanging over your head. Now, any errors are caught early and can be fixed in a snap.

Best of all—with this burden lifted from your shoulders—you regain a significant amount of your time back… your work becomes more satisfying… and you can make decisions based on solid real-time data.

  • Automates the reconciliation of line item expenditures to your primary accounting system by importing Excel and .csv files from your primary accounting system.
  • Reconciles two Excel or .csv files to one another. Allows you to use GrantMax™ Reconciler as a stand-alone reconciling solution, if you wish.
  • Auto-match feature identifies similar items to speed and simplify reconciliation.
  • Allows you to mark items as ‘Pending’ for further investigation of discrepancies. Offers you the flexibility you need to maintain your work-flow.
  • Previously reconciled items can be un-reconciled and re-reconciled if necessary to accommodate changes in the primary accounting system. Its adaptability helps you identify discrepancies and get the task done faster.
  • Produces quick-access reports which export to Excel or PDF format. Makes it easy to share up-to-date budget data.
  • Allows you to save and access scanned documents. Reduces paperwork, keeps information organized, and makes it easier to distribute.
  • And so much more

Times have changed. Why continue to sweat over the tedious work that GrantMax™ Reconciler does for you? You and your staff will delight in the freedom you gain through a streamlined reconciliation process.

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