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GrantMax™ Evaluation Peels Back the Curtain on Performance and Cost-Effectiveness Data

If you want to…
maximize the effectiveness of your services and activities…
stretch the performance of your grant dollars, and…
gain the edge on future grant fund opportunities…

…then GrantMax™ Evaluation is for you.

GrantMax™ Evaluation acts as the focus dial of a microscope by bringing key performance and cost-effectiveness data into sharp focus. When coupled with GrantMax™ TimeTracker and GrantMax™ Budget, you can see precisely which of your activities and service providers yield the greatest outcomes.

For example, GrantMax™ Evaluation helps a University discover that its Student Mentoring at $15/hour improves student grades by 27% more than its Outside Contractor Tutoring at $20/hour.

Here’s a partial list of benefits you’ll enjoy from the data provided by GrantMax™ Evaluation:

  • Pinpoint which mix of services provides the greatest returns on provider time and your grant fund dollars.
  • Identify potentially under-performing activities, so you can reallocate resources more effectively.
  • Increase the performance of your grant dollars by making informed decisions to continually improve your services.
  • Accelerate the achievement of your goals, objectives and benchmarks.
  • Prove the outcome of your services and activities with accurate data and measurable results (not just theory).
  • Stay compliant (and audit-friendly) with current and future Federal regulations and grantor reporting requirements.
  • Become more attractive to grantors for future grant opportunities because you’re able to provide them with the detailed accountability data they expect.
  • And much, much more.

Simply put, GrantMax™ Evaluation keeps your finger on the pulse of the performance of your grant fund dollars while placing you ahead of the curve on grant fund tracking requirements.

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