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GrantMax™ Budget Turns Your Budget
Nightmares into a Dream Come True

When it comes to managing grant fund budgets at high levels of detail, GrantMax™ Budget is an automation powerhouse that will sweep you off your feet.

Just as the electronic calculator replaced the abacus… GrantMax™ Budget will completely transform the way you compile budget data and reports.

It allows you to see your budgets in a variety of formats without the need for spreadsheets or cumbersome manual effort.

Instead of putting off the dreaded, time-devouring work required to pull together budget reports, the information you need will be waiting for you in real-time.

Hours of labor is replaced with a few clicks of the mouse. Now, the sweet relief of budget automation replaces your current cycle of procrastination, irritation, and overwhelm.

GrantMax™ Budget Features:

  • Slice and dice data with point-and-click ease. Easily creates, modifies and tracks budgets by account code, funding source, site and activity… yes, you can have all this detail without the exhausting spreadsheet work!
  • Seamless integration with QuickBooks®*. Simply create your budgets in GrantMax™ Budget, and in just a few clicks, the data imports directly into your QuickBooks®* file. Managing and updating budget revisions to your QuickBooks®* file is a breeze with GrantMax™ Budget.
  • Auto-calculates related items (ex. Employee benefits or indirect costs). Alleviates the agony of manually entering line items, saving you hours of time and effort.
  • Budget templates – Create next year’s budget using a prior year’s budget as a template. You can choose to work from last year’s numbers or use last year’s format with new numbers. Either way, you save valuable time.
  • Produces quick-access reports which export to Excel or PDF format. Makes it easy to share up-to-date budget data.
  • Allows you to save and access scanned documents. Reduces paperwork, keeps information organized, and makes it easier to distribute.
  • And so much more

Why struggle through another day of obsolete manual budget calculation when GrantMax™ Budget’s speed of automation and detail is within your grasp?

But don’t take our word for it. Request a free live demo and see how GrantMax™ Budget rewards your organization with more free time and long-awaited peace of mind.

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